Project Management

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Virtual Demon Project Managers

Virtual Demon Project Managers

Our Project Managers work on projects big and small so contact us whatever your needs and we’ll manage your project for you to Time, Quality and Budget.
Examples of our expertise include managing: Website design and build, Apps Development, Email and Social Media Campaigns,  Online Training Courses and Webinars,  On and Offline Events, Integrated campaigns.

Project Management Services include:

  • Producing project plans and budgets
  • Producing project documentation and systems set-up
  • Sourcing team members and contractors when required
  • Sourcing materials and venue’s
  • Managing remote teams and contractors on a day to day basis
  • Managing stakeholders and clients
  • Owning project documentation including project and budget reports
  • Owing risk and issues register
  • Creating lessons learned reports and contributing to case studies.