Virtual Project Managers

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Virtual Demon Project Managers

Our virtual project managers work on projects big and small. The plan is the key to ensure success and all projects have one.
Client’s and teams have access to tasks, reports and plans in our virtual project space. PM Demons are fast, but they are also very, very thorough ensuring the quality, deadline and budget are all met.
  • Contributing to bids and proposals
  • Producing project plans and budgets
  • Sourcing team members and contractors when required
  • Sourcing materials and venue’s
  • Managing remote teams and contractors
  • Managing stakeholders and clients
  • Managing website builds and apps development
  • Managing websites and Shopping carts on an ongoing basis
  • Managing web, email and social media campaigns
  • Creating project and budget reports
  • Managing risk and issues register
  • Creating lessons learned reports and contributing to case studies.